Female swimmer doesn’t let arthritis get the better of her

Chrissie Anderson

A recent article in the Manchester Evening News told the story of a 62-year-old woman, Chrissie Anderson, who is planning to swim the length of the English Channel – or at least the straits of Dover –  to raise £1000 for Aspire, a charity “supporting people with spinal injury.” The woman’s age would, in itself, make this a very interesting and newsworthy story. But what makes the story all the more interesting – not to mention inspiring – is the fact that the woman herself is suffering from hip and spine arthritis, a degenerative spine condition.

Chrissie is not new to sporting challenges. In the past she has run a marathon and twice thrown herself out of an aeroplane – with a parachute I hasten to add –  to raise money for charitable causes. All of this is a far cry from her more sedate former occupation as an advertising rep, before she retired.The challenge will not actually be undertaken in the English Channel itself. Rather Chrissie will be swimming the 22 miles up-and-down the length of a swimming pool.

However, if anyone thinks that this is in any way a soft option, they should be aware that Chrissie also suffers from a condition called Hyper Keratosis, which causes her skin to react badly to the chlorinated water in the swimming pool. She has had several breakouts already. But she has no intention of letting this setback derail her efforts. Quite the contrary:

“It’s not all about you, it’s about what you can do to help others, so I put all my feelings to one side and get on with it to help people who are suffering more.”

If there’s one comfort, in all this, it’s that in some respects, taking to the water actually makes Chrissie feel better:

“It also helps me massively with my spine and hip condition, as soon as I get in the water, I’m pain free.”

Now, of course, not everyone has the tenacity to do what Chrissie has done so far, let alone what she is setting out to do. But people with arthritis looking to alleviate their pain as a first step to getting into the world of therapeutic sport can start with magnetic supports and wraps that some report to have had a beneficial, pain-reducing effect. And if you really want to take the plunge into sport, they also have sports wristbands that can protect against repetitive strain.

But as far as Chrissie Anderson is concerned, all we can say here at Arthritis blogging is: that’s some tenacious woman! Respect!

To support Chrissie and sponsor her swim for charity, follow this link.

Gold, Silver and Bronze in 2016

There’s some law against using Olympic symbols or trade names. It’s not quite as draconian as 2012, when the government passes a law forbidding businesses to use words like London or games in conjunction with other words, like, Gold, Silver and Bronze. But it’s still pretty bad – especially when you consider that in many cases, the people who really PAY FOR the Olympic games are not the sponsors, but the taxpayers.

Four years ago, Londoners looked on as the price of the Olympics went up from 2.4 billion pounds sterling, to 4.8 and then to 9.6. billion. And then they were told that not even one ticket could be set aside for Londoners or British taxpayers at a reduced price in recognition of their contribution to those Olympics because it was against EU rules. They were also told that any advertising that so much as hinted at a connection between the London 2012 Olympics and one’s business would be a crime unless one was an official Olympic Sponsor. So all of us British taxpayers, London rate-payers and business tax payers who were de facto sponsors of the London 2012 London Olympics, but not de jure sponsors, could not benefit for the event that we were being forced to pay for.

That is why, I feel that we should all do our bit to acquire some Gold silver and bronze. So here are a few examples:

bac-72-c-emps-bronzebac-69-as-wmps-510 silverbac-29-1001-wmps-510 -gold







These are all available from magnetic Products Store.

Even if you don’t make it to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games, at least you can get a piece of the gold, silver and bronze action. Also, Magnetic Products Store, has a very nice selection of sports bracelets and wristbands.  These sports magnets are – in some cases – extra strong magnets, notably the AUGUSTA Bio golfers wrist band (see below) which features their strongest magnets – a whopping 6500 Gauss titan that knocks the spots off the competition.

But for some people, the challenge of physical games is not enough – or maybe they are past their physical prime but well into their mental prime. To these people, it is games of the mind that provide a real workout. That is why millions of peopleplay Chess, Go, Bridge, Scrabble, Poker and even video games like Grand Theft Auto, or fast reaction games like Candy Crush. If you think you may be one of these people who likes the kind of games that can be played on a computer – whether against the machine itself ora remote opponent online, then you might be interested in taking a survey about what sort of computer and online games people really like. You might also want to take a look at a new game currently under development and it’s Facebook page.

In the meantime… bring it on… and let the games begin.

g-0267-1001 (Golf)

Missing from the high street

Classic ladies jet black and goldWith so many people suffering from arthritis and so many quack remedies out there, it is interesting that one of the few alternative remedies that has been shown in some cases to work – magnetic therapy – gets such bad press. Some of you may remember my earlier blogs in which I wrote about the reluctance of Wikipedia to report fairly on the results of clinical trials on magnetic therapy for osteoarthritis. Well, that’s understandable. They want to be thought of as “serious” and they tend to lump all alternative medicine together under the same banner.

But what is not so understandable is why magnetic therapy and magnetic bracelets are not more visible on the high street or in shopping centres. After all, we see Reiki, yoga, Pilates, Chinese herbal medicine with shop fronts and people going in (and coming out). So why not magnetic jewellery?

4 in one titaniumPart of the reason might be price perception. There are some people selling low-quality magnetic bracelets really cheaply and this probably gives the impression that all magnetic bracelets, necklaces and pendants are of the same shoddy standard. But this is not the case, Magnetic Products Store sells some of the best magnetic jewellery products for arthritis sufferers including its excellent range of jet-black bracelets.

It would seem then that there is something missing from the high street – a gap that needs to be filled.

Personally, I think it is only a matter of time before Magnetic Products Store fills that gap.

The butterfly effect

butterfly pendantLast time I was banging on about bangles and expanding bracelets. This week it’s energy pendants.   The good thing about energy pendants is that they sit close to the heart and therefore are very close to the centre of your system.

My personal favourite is the Butterfly Pendant. It is gold-plated and houses some very powerful magnets.

It would be interesting to get some feedback from people who suffer from arthritis and who use this bracelet. If that is you, let us know how you feel after using it. Your messages will be treated in confidence, unless you give us permission to quote you.

Expanding bracelets – and how they can help people who suffer from arthritis

Expanding Cobra bracelet

Expanding Cobra bracelet

If you suffer from arthritis, the chances are you know a lot about magnetic bracelets and their therapeutic effect. But one of the problems arthritis sufferers have to contend with is that of manual dexterity. How do you even put on (or take off) a magnetic bracelet if you find it hard to make those small tricky movements with your fingers or to operate that fiddly clasp?

The good thing about Magnetic Products Store is that they offer a range of expanding bracelets that have no clasp, that fit most wrist sizes and that you can on just by expanding it, slipping it over the hand and letting it contract back into place over the wrist. Easy as One-two-three!

Jenomi A steel rope

Jenomi A steel rope

There is also a very large selection of bangles, ranging in style from the solid copper bangles (like the one below) that symbolize antiquity to the stainless steel range (see example, right) that is positively futuristic in its appearance.

The good thing about the copper magnetic bracelets is that they can help arthritis sufferers in two ways. The first is that the strong (3000 Gauss) magnets can help with pain relief. This has been proven with clinical studies. Secondly the migration of copper atoms through the skin can have a positive and beneficial palliative effect.

All of this means that if you are suffering from arthritis, you can take a few simple steps to improving your quality of life.

CADOC copper magnetic bracele

CADOC copper magnetic bracele

This sportin’ life

ionTopia collection

ionTopia collection

The first shoots of Spring are peaking through the soil and that means many of us are going to spending more of our free time out of doors. Some of us might even be taking up sports. It happens every year in Spring. We may not hibernate like animals, but we limit our winter excursions out of doors to the things we absolutely have to do: shopping, going to work, the school run, etc.

Purple silicone

Purple silicone

But come the Spring, we start to spend our recreational time out of doors. And that includes sport. After being cooped up indoors for the winter months, we suddenly start to imagine that we’re all world-class athletes. And when people start over-exerting their weary limbs, you get – or rather they get – sporting injuries. I’m not, of course, trying to deter anyone from taking up personal fitness. I’m only cautioning that the Spring-driven newfound  enthusiasm for sport carries a price tag.

ionTopia2But what does all this have to do with arthritis? Well in many ways, sports injuries are like arthritic pains. I don’t mean falling onto a hard surface or running into a wall or being punched in the face by a better boxer – although you get that too in sport. I mean things like repetitive strain injury or twisting an ankle or spraining a wrist. These dull but persistent pains may not be the result of any single event. They may be the result of cumulative causes as one pushes back the envelope. But the end result is pain – possibly even chronic pain.

Augusta Bio Golfers

Augusta Bio Golfers

Magnetic Products Store offers a range of sports bracelets and wrist bands to help athletes and sports persons. Whether its the hypoallergenic silicone wristband, which is waterproof and thus idea for swimmers, to the Augusta Bio Golfers Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with its ultra-strong 6500 Gauss magnetc or the Original IonTopia HI-PRIME, these bracelets are as suitable for people engaging in sport as they are for people suffering from arthritis.

This is certainly something worth checking out.

Alleviate someone’s arthritis on St. Valentine’s Day

MPS Bio Energy

MPS Bio Energy

Those of us who believe in the power of therapy magnets for healing and copper arthritis bracelets for men and women will no doubt be looking for a suitable item to alleviate their suffering at this time of year. The reason for this is that arthritis gets worse in the cold weather, and those of us who suffer from it must inevitably be suffering a lot lately, in this cold weather that we have been having here in Britain.

But now, here’s an idea. If you love someone suffering from arthritis, you can perhaps kill two birds with one stone, by taking buying them a copper bracelet or magnetic therapy bracelet for St. Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in just four days time! That way you get to show them how much you love them and help them with the pain of their recurring ailment.

Jamain white

Jamain white

Of course not everyone believes in the power of magnets for health and the thought of buying a copper bracelet for arthritis may almost seem like a form of superstition. But even if you do not believe in the science behind healing bracelets or hold that the effectiveness of copper bracelets for arthritis is more case of the placebo effect than genuine therapeutic medicine, the bracelets offered by the Magnetic Products Store are beautiful to look at and can almost make one feel better just by casting one’s eyes on them.

So ignore the extra strong magnets and focus on the undeniable fact that these are best bracelets around from a purely esthetic point of view.



bracelets for arthritis

magnetic healing bracelets

Magnetic Products Store is giving away a FREE magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Good news for arthritis sufferers! As part of it’s campaign against the winter gloom, Magnetic Products Store is doing a giveaway of a free of  either a European titanium magnetic bracelet (for men) or a Venus Hearts bracelet (for women). The giveaway – which runs until the 6th of February – is designed to bring some good cheer and joy to this late winter.

In addition to the winter being a time of gloom and depression, it is a particularly bad time for arthritis sufferers, because the cold weather increases pain in the bones and joints. Anything that can alleviate these pains is something to be welcomed. The giveaway is being run from their Facebook page. (Mobile users, click here.)

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

Magnetic jewellery has long been used as an adjunct to conventional medicine in the treatment of arthritis and is now well-accepted as a palliative treatment, although obviously not a cure. Mainstream conventional medicine continues to resist the ideas of alternative medicine, including magnet therapy.

But as the anecdotal evidence grows, it’s acceptance will inevitably become more widespread. In the meantime, entry into this giveaway is free. And for those who don’t win, there are still plenty of magnetic and copper bracelets to choose from.

Magnetic bracelets, Arthitis and the January sales

Arthritis gets worse in winter, but magnetic bracelets and the January sales offer some hope

brt-1049-wmpsI was reading a very interesting article on magnetic bracelets the other day. It contained the following quote:

as we leave Hogmanay/Sylvester behind us, the joy of overdosing on food, wine and the company of family and friends, gives way to the harsh reality of the weather getting even colder (it always does) and come the new year, and all that is gone and all we have left is the long, mournful wait for the break of spring!

That is why the winter blues kick in, not in December, but in January.

The article goes on to offer a very interesting cure to the problem:

the Good Lord, in his wisdom, invented something to bring back the cheer into our lives… to give us sparkle in place of darkness, joy instead of misery, warmth instead of coldness. Yay, verily, the Good Lord, in his infinite wisdom and mercy invented the January Sale. And for those who love magnetic bracelets and other magnetic jewellery, the best news of all is that the Magnetic Products Store’s January Sale has started!!!!

brs4-1-ta-wmpsNow I cannot, in all honesty, say that this has much to do with arthritis – except insofar as arthritic pains get worse in the cold climate of our European winter – but it does have an awful lot to do with the psychosomatic maladies of winter. And, needless to say, that includes the mind-over-matter aggravation of arthritis symptoms. Retail therapy is usually associated with women. But that is just a gender stereotype. Retail therapy is for everyone. For women, it’s clothes. For men, it’s electronic gadgets. And for people with arthritic ailments, it’s the first light of spring on the horizon, even if there’s still a long wait ahead.

Attractive magnets

loveheartWhen a potential customer of a magnetic bracelet starts asking about the strength of the magnets, you know you’re in for a long day.

Because it’s very hard to explain to such customers that the raw figures are not all that important. Unfortunately all too many people think they are. That’s why – way back when – Microsoft went from Word 2.0 to word 6.0. Similarly, they went from Windows 8 to Windows 10. That was their way of keeping up with Apple and its OSX (X being the Roman numeral for 10).

bat-5-wmps-510We are too obsessed with numbers – and one day it will be our downfall. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it surely isn’t wrong to say that we are all too easily led up the garden path by numbers.

Now, I have to say, straight off the bat, that the magnets in the magnetic bracelets sold by Magnetic Products Store are strong – typically of the order of 3000 Gauss. But that should only be your starting point. Of course, you might then be tempted to start counting the number of magnets. That would only prove one thing: that you still don’t get it.

brtd-23-wmpsBecause you’ll probably find that many bangles and bracelets have the same number of magnets as each other. And if you try them out, you’ll find that the ones with fewer magnets are just as good as the ones with more. So the real question is what should you be looking at? How do you decide when you have such a wealth of choice at MPS – far more than you will find at any other store in Europe or pretty much any store in the USA for that matter?

The answer is: choose the one (or two) that looks the nicest to you. No one else can tell you what to buy. (Except maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend!) No one else can tell you what looks nice. That’s something that only you can decide.

brtsw-7-wmps-gSo pick the bracelet you like and buy it. And if you can’t make up your mind, buy two or three.

Of course, if you’re buying a present for someone else, try sounding them out on which one they like the most. Try not to make it too obvious that you’re going to buy it for them. After all, a present is supposed to be a surprise!