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Gold, Silver and Bronze in 2016

There’s some law against using Olympic symbols or trade names. It’s not quite as draconian as 2012, when the government passes a law forbidding businesses to use words like London or games in conjunction with other words, like, Gold, Silver and Bronze. But it’s still pretty bad – especially when you consider that in many cases, the people who really PAY FOR the Olympic games are not the sponsors, but the taxpayers.

Four years ago, Londoners looked on as the price of the Olympics went up from 2.4 billion pounds sterling, to 4.8 and then to 9.6. billion. And then they were told that not even one ticket could be set aside for Londoners or British taxpayers at a reduced price in recognition of their contribution to those Olympics because it was against EU rules. They were also told that any advertising that so much as hinted at a connection between the London 2012 Olympics and one’s business would be a crime unless one was an official Olympic Sponsor. So all of us British taxpayers, London rate-payers and business tax payers who were de facto sponsors of the London 2012 London Olympics, but not de jure sponsors, could not benefit from the event that we were being forced to pay for.

That is why, I feel that we should all do our bit to acquire some Gold silver and bronze. So here are a few examples:

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These are all available from magnetic Products Store.

Even if you don’t make it to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games, at least you can get a piece of the gold, silver and bronze action. Also, Magnetic Products Store, has a very nice selection of sports bracelets and wristbands.  These sports magnets are – in some cases – extra strong magnets, notably the AUGUSTA Bio golfers wrist band (see below) which features their strongest magnets – a whopping 6500 Gauss titan that knocks the spots off the competition.

But for some people, the challenge of physical games is not enough – or maybe they are past their physical prime but well into their mental prime. To these people, it is games of the mind that provide a real workout. That is why millions of peopleplay Chess, Go, Bridge, Scrabble, Poker and even video games like Grand Theft Auto, or fast reaction games like Candy Crush. If you think you may be one of these people who likes the kind of games that can be played on a computer – whether against the machine itself ora remote opponent online, then you might be interested in taking a survey about what sort of computer and online games people really like. You might also want to take a look at a new game currently under development and it’s Facebook page.

In the meantime… bring it on… and let the games begin.

g-0267-1001 (Golf)