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Magnetic bracelets, Arthitis and the January sales

Arthritis gets worse in winter, but magnetic bracelets and the January sales offer some hope

brt-1049-wmpsI was reading a very interesting article on magnetic bracelets the other day. It contained the following quote:

as we leave Hogmanay/Sylvester behind us, the joy of overdosing on food, wine and the company of family and friends, gives way to the harsh reality of the weather getting even colder (it always does) and come the new year, and all that is gone and all we have left is the long, mournful wait for the break of spring!

That is why the winter blues kick in, not in December, but in January.

The article goes on to offer a very interesting cure to the problem:

the Good Lord, in his wisdom, invented something to bring back the cheer into our lives… to give us sparkle in place of darkness, joy instead of misery, warmth instead of coldness. Yay, verily, the Good Lord, in his infinite wisdom and mercy invented the January Sale. And for those who love magnetic bracelets and other magnetic jewellery, the best news of all is that the Magnetic Products Store’s January Sale has started!!!!

brs4-1-ta-wmpsNow I cannot, in all honesty, say that this has much to do with arthritis – except insofar as arthritic pains get worse in the cold climate of our European winter – but it does have an awful lot to do with the psychosomatic maladies of winter. And,¬†needless to say, that includes the mind-over-matter aggravation of arthritis symptoms. Retail therapy is usually associated with women. But that is just a gender stereotype. Retail therapy is for everyone. For women, it’s clothes. For men, it’s electronic gadgets. And for people with arthritic ailments, it’s the first light of spring on the horizon, even if there’s still¬†a long wait ahead.