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A purchase away to keep the Golem at bay

Anti-Golem braceletThe Golem is an old Jewish legend. Literally meaning a Man of Clay, it is based on the premise that the basic model of a human being is the shell of the body without a soul until God gives the body a soul. In that sense, we are all golems. The legend then continues that it is possible to make golem and to control it in various ways or in some cases to lose control of it. In that sense, the Golem is very much a forerunner of Frankinstein’s monster. In modern Hebrew, the word “golem” is used to describe an uncultured person.

But the reason I mention all this, is that arthritis has sometimes been described as “feeling like clay” – or feeling as if one is “made of clay.” It’s a clunking description, I know. But for many people it perfectly encapsulates how they feel.

So the question is are there any magnetic bracelets that can keep such feelings at bay? Indeed are there any magnetic bracelets that can keep a Golem at bay? The answer is, yes there are. Magnetic Products Store offers the ANTI-GOLEM Premium Men’s Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet that is guaranteed to repel Golems for 49 years (in the Jubilee year it ceases to work and you have to get a new one).

If you are worried about being a attacked by a Golem this Christmas, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.