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A purchase away to keep the Golem at bay

Anti-Golem braceletThe Golem is an old Jewish legend. Literally meaning a Man of Clay, it is based on the premise that the basic model of a human being is the shell of the body without a soul until God gives the body a soul. In that sense, we are all golems. The legend then continues that it is possible to make golem and to control it in various ways or in some cases to lose control of it. In that sense, the Golem is very much a forerunner of Frankinstein’s monster. In modern Hebrew, the word “golem” is used to describe an uncultured person.

But the reason I mention all this, is that arthritis has sometimes been described as “feeling like clay” – or feeling as if one is “made of clay.” It’s a clunking description, I know. But for many people it perfectly encapsulates how they feel.

So the question is are there any magnetic bracelets that can keep such feelings at bay? Indeed are there any magnetic bracelets that can keep a Golem at bay? The answer is, yes there are. Magnetic Products Store offers the ANTI-GOLEM Premium Men’s Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet that is guaranteed to repel Golems for 49 years (in the Jubilee year it ceases to work and you have to get a new one).

If you are worried about being a attacked by a Golem this Christmas, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.


It’s a long, long while from May till December

SPECIAL PURCHASE Copper Matt Tone Super Strength Magnetic Bangle

Arthritis is for life, not just Christmas, but when the leaves turn to flame and the weather gets colder, that’s when it really starts to bite. And that means it’s time for arthritis sufferers to gird their loins(figuratively speaking) and arm themselves with the best protection that money can buy. And by that, I mean magnetic healing bracelets and copper bracelets for arthritis.

Jamain white

But because we are coming up to Christmas, this would seem like the perfect time to buy such copper and magnetic bracelets as a present for someone else. And the fact that there are magnetic bracelets for men as well as women, means that you can buy one for your partner whatever your gender and whatever your partner’s gender.

Well so far, so good. I don’t need to persuade you that buying your partner a present is a nice thing to do, whether it Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just because you feel like doing something nice for someone you love. But anyone can suggest that. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure our that if your partner suffers from arthritis, then something that can alleviate their pain would be a nice gift. Ditto, for something that actually looks nice.

MPS™ EUROPE Multi Elements Gold PL Magnetic BraceletBut what about some ideas about where to buy such a present? Or maybe even a heads up on a special offer to get such presents at a good price?

The answer is that Magnetic Products Store is offering a three-for-one deal. Buy any three bracelets from their site and you get the copper magnetic bangle shown in the big picture above. If you want more details, or to visit their site, just click on the big picture at the top and you will be instantly transported there – in a new tab – faster than you can say: “beam me up Scotty!”