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ionTopia collection

ionTopia collection

The first shoots of Spring are peaking through the soil and that means many of us are going to spending more of our free time out of doors. Some of us might even be taking up sports. It happens every year in Spring. We may not hibernate like animals, but we limit our winter excursions out of doors to the things we absolutely have to do: shopping, going to work, the school run, etc.

Purple silicone

Purple silicone

But come the Spring, we start to spend our recreational time out of doors. And that includes sport. After being cooped up indoors for the winter months, we suddenly start to imagine that we’re all world-class athletes. And when people start over-exerting their weary limbs, you get – or rather they get – sporting injuries. I’m not, of course, trying to deter anyone from taking up personal fitness. I’m only cautioning that the Spring-driven newfound  enthusiasm for sport carries a price tag.

ionTopia2But what does all this have to do with arthritis? Well in many ways, sports injuries are like arthritic pains. I don’t mean falling onto a hard surface or running into a wall or being punched in the face by a better boxer – although you get that too in sport. I mean things like repetitive strain injury or twisting an ankle or spraining a wrist. These dull but persistent pains may not be the result of any single event. They may be the result of cumulative causes as one pushes back the envelope. But the end result is pain – possibly even chronic pain.

Augusta Bio Golfers

Augusta Bio Golfers

Magnetic Products Store offers a range of sports bracelets and wrist bands to help athletes and sports persons. Whether its the hypoallergenic silicone wristband, which is waterproof and thus idea for swimmers, to the Augusta Bio Golfers Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with its ultra-strong 6500 Gauss magnetc or the Original IonTopia HI-PRIME, these bracelets are as suitable for people engaging in sport as they are for people suffering from arthritis.

This is certainly something worth checking out.

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