Magnetic Products Store is giving away a FREE magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Good news for arthritis sufferers! As part of it’s campaign against the winter gloom, Magnetic Products Store is doing a giveaway of a free of  either a European titanium magnetic bracelet (for men) or a Venus Hearts bracelet (for women). The giveaway – which runs until the 6th of February – is designed to bring some good cheer and joy to this late winter.

In addition to the winter being a time of gloom and depression, it is a particularly bad time for arthritis sufferers, because the cold weather increases pain in the bones and joints. Anything that can alleviate these pains is something to be welcomed. The giveaway is being run from their Facebook page. (Mobile users, click here.)

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

Magnetic jewellery has long been used as an adjunct to conventional medicine in the treatment of arthritis and is now well-accepted as a palliative treatment, although obviously not a cure. Mainstream conventional medicine continues to resist the ideas of alternative medicine, including magnet therapy.

But as the anecdotal evidence grows, it’s acceptance will inevitably become more widespread. In the meantime, entry into this giveaway is free. And for those who don’t win, there are still plenty of magnetic and copper bracelets to choose from.

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