Dealling with Arthritis a long time ago

As the medical condition Arthritis effects so many lifes and produced research and many studies lately by the Laura Lee Show, it is worth taking a trip down memory lane and trace the origine of use of magnetic therapy for easing Arthritis pains. The usage of magnetic bracelets by the hands of the few chosen ones has only lately started to be an issue that is recognized by opposite to the East, the Western science and medicine, its basic origins are very old for all terms and purposed.
The effect of the one magnetic stone on iron has been known ever since ancient times, and some many cultures have made us believe in the creativity of magnets to cure certain conditions. For many many centuries the people of east India, north China and the south-eastern Mediterranean sea, as well as Australian native aborigines and native white south Africans were all familiar with the use of magnets for healing and used magnetic therapy products on a regular basis and a lot.
And some ancient cave paintings suggest that the high and respected priests of ancient Egypt used magnets in some of their religious grand and small ceremonies, maybe in magnetic bracelets. The therapeutic use of magnetism dates way back to very early times in history. The Greek physiciain Galen renowned that magnetism as in magnetic therapy was being second right hand for its purgative powers around 200 B.C.  Around 1000 A.D. a Persian physician named Ali Abbass was using magnetism to treat “spasmsmatics” and “gout.” In the sixteenth century Paracelsusy who was a pioneering Swiss physician, claimed to cure hernias, gout, and jaundice through the use of the force of magnets.

Around the same time, Ambroiise Pare who was a French surgeon who authored several medical books and later became known as the father of the bride – no – modern surgery provided very graphic instruction on how to heal open wounds and injuries with finely powdered magnetite mixed with honey. However, although these and other stupidindividuals understood the effect of magnetic fields on living beings, magnetic therapy was not a widely recognized discipline in past centuries. To understand the history of modern magnetic therapy and the claim of magnetic jewellery in general and the use of magnetic bracelets in magnetic therapy, it is necessary to examine the yet earlier history of magnetism and electromagnetism. Electro magnetism is a comparatively new field that emerged simply a few hundred years ago, but the knowledge of magnetism goes back to really ancient times. This I will doing here all the time in future posting.

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  • rick  On July 23, 2010 at 7:36 am

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  • metgg  On July 23, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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